Gourmet Feast

Press Release – 3 July 2016

Rockland, July 3rd 2016 – The Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network (EOAFN) in partnership with Traiteur la Bonne Bouffe Catering will be presenting the first Field to Fork gourmet feast on September 10th, 2016. This supper will be proposing a new culinary experience for tourists that has never been seen before in this region.
The supper will be held on a farm which’s location will be kept secret until the very last minute. Guests will be brought to the secret location by bus. This culinary experience will begin with a tour of the farm, followed by a cocktail before being ravished with a supper made with delicious local products from the Eastern Ontario region.
« This new concept will allow guests to discover a multitude of local products while living a truly unique experience. We are hoping to bring our consumers closer to our producers and offer them alternative products that have been locally grown. The Eastern Ontario region is overflowing with delicious produce and these are the kind of initiatives that highlight the producers in our region. » mentioned Mélissa Woodbury, coordinator at the EOAFN.
It is by working together and combining forces that the EOAFN, TBB catering have developed this culinary tourism experience. According to Mathieu Samson-Savage, « We are very proud to have the chance to participate in this event. Despite the fact that the Eastern Ontario region is abundant with local produce, it remains a well-kept secret. We have the privilege of operating in a region that produces top quality goods and they deserve to be discovered. My hope is that this gastronomic feast demonstrates to our guests that locally grown produce truly does taste significantly better. »
Perfect time for the launch
The launch was held on July 3rd during the gourmet feast Foire Gourmande. They were able to arouse the interest of visitors and demonstrate the mysterious and glamorous aspect by installing a table where sat a couple who enjoyed a four-course meal while two violinists played a sweet melody. The launch ended with a press conference at 2:00 p.m. where they unveiled the concept of the event and stressed the support of the Economic Development and Tourism Department of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.
Buy Tickets
Tickets will go on sale Monday July 11, 2016 at $ 100 each. This includes transportation (from different locations), to and from the farm, cocktail and a four-course meal with wine pairing, all served in an enchanting setting. Tickets will be available on the website www.field2forkpr.ca, at TBB Catering or at the EOAFN. Visit the website for details.
About the organizers
EOAFN, established in 2010, is a non-profit organization dedicated to agribusiness development in Eastern Ontario. Members of the EOAFN are farms, farmer’s markets, local businesses, agricultural associations and newspapers, non-profit groups and government and economic development agencies. Visit www.agro-on.ca for more details about EOAFN.
TBB Catering is headed by Denis Savage who is trained in classic cuisine and holder of a culinary arts certificate from l’Institut culinaire du Québec à Montréal. Denis Savage is the expert of comfort food. Visit www.traiteurlabonnebouffe.com for more details.
Contact Mélissa Woodbury at 613 675-4661 x 8102 or by email at mwoodbury@prescott-russell.on.ca for more details.