Menu 2017


Glengarry Fine Cheese canapes topped with apple jams and buckwheat honey from L’Artisan Farm


At the bar

Domaine Perrault Wines

Beau’s All Natural Brewery


First Course

Elishka Farm rabbit, carrot, and zucchini parmentier topped with chives

Perfectly paired with a glass of Farm Table: Saison from Beau’s All Natural Brewery


Second Course

Stephanie’s Garden Beet salad topped with Glengarry Fine Cheese’s Figaro, onions, fresh dill, and lovage from Quenneville Greenhouses


Third Course

Elderberry and sage duck breast from Mariposa Farms

Perfectly paired with a glass of cabernet franc from Domaine Perrault


Fourth Course

Garlic, chilli, and Domaine du Verger Cléroux Maple syrup Lavergne Meats and Deli pork loin


Fifth Course

Stephanie’s Garden raspberry and rhubarb crumble made with oats from Dagenais Farm/Le Tournesol and Hummingbird Chocolate

Served with Poppa Bean Coffee